I’m a trends guy interested in predicting the future, so I’ve put together this post to help illustrate where some trends might end up 5 years from now. I was drawn to the year based on some research I’ve had to conduct for the U.S. GAAP to IFRS conversion for financial reporting for publicly traded companies.

So, here are my guesses for 2014.

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Amateurs are the New Professionals

There is a major disruptive force going on in our world today, and it involves a do-it-yourself behavior on a large scale. Individuals are sharing home videos with the world, performing citizen journalism, and selling goods all via the Internet. Companies are getting into non-core lines of business in order to expand their reach; such as selling music online, offering data centers accessible over the web, and distributing other people’s software through their infrastructure. This subtle and large scale trend is amateurization: the empowerment of firms and individuals to provide goods and services that used to be the realm of a professional organization.

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