I’m a trends guy interested in predicting the future, so I’ve put together this post to help illustrate where some trends might end up 5 years from now. I was drawn to the year based on some research I’ve had to conduct for the U.S. GAAP to IFRS conversion for financial reporting for publicly traded companies.

So, here are my guesses for 2014.

· Over half of the computing market will be using SSD flash drives, instead of hard drives, for their data storage. The new storage kings, OCZ, Intel, Samsung, and Super Talent, will replace the incumbents Seagate and Western Digital.

· Over half the laptop market will be now lost to super smart phones. However there will be a booming smart phone “docking” market to replace the lost laptop sales.

· E-commerce will account for 20% of all retail sales. 10% of e-commerce will be conducted on smart phones. Bricks and mortars stores will create a new type of shopping experience that involves using your mobile device in store to shop and add items to a virtual cart and to pay online versus going through a cashier.

· Physical media will become irrelevant with the advent of personal cloud storage and with all media available online from content producers. 4G/LTE will become so pervasive and affordable that users will choose it over DSL and Cable Internet. DVRs will no longer be needed because consumers will be able to get any content they want at any time.

· And finally, the United States will start adopting IFRS. This will cause minor fluctuations in the markets as investors continue to learn how to read the new reports. A few companies will go private in order to buy themselves more time to adapt to the standard.

What do you think will change with technology or the rest of the world in 5 years?


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Techie/student/husband/father interested in new technology, social media, and innovation.

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